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Intelliclad is a wireless system certified to BS 5839-1 L5 which is designed to be integrated into the external facade of high-risk buildings where combustible materials are present.

A Complete Fire Safety package for any building. The Future of Building Safety.


Detects internal

 & external fires


3-year battery life


Smartphone app

alerts residents


Sensor prohibits

false activations

Intelliclad Responds to Apartment Block Fire - Cover 1

A Game-Changer for Building Safety

In the summer of 2022 a London apartment block caught fire from a ground-floor bin store. Find out how Intelliclad helped in our latest news piece.

Did you know?

Since 2010


of high-rise façade fires have started externally
causes include discarded cigarettes on balconies, external lighting malfuctions, air conditioning units breaking down and fires in bins.

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Intelliclads External Fire Game Changer for Building Safety Cover 2
Intelliclad’s External Fire Detection System: A Game-Changer for Building Safety

Intelliclad, an advanced external fire detection and alarm system, has proven its effectiveness in responding to fires in high-risk buildings. By detecting fires externally, Intelliclad ensures early detection and prompt alerts, preventing further damage and protecting lives. Let’s explore a recent case study highlighting the system’s success and the advantages of external fire detection. Swift […]

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Intelliclad Save on Waking Watch costs with Intelliclad
Save on Waking Watch costs with Intelliclad

In recent years, the issue of fire safety in high-rise buildings has gained significant attention, especially following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. One expensive and controversial approach to address this issue is the use of Walking Watch patrols, where residents have to pay high fees for round-the-clock fire safety monitoring. However, a smarter and more […]

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After a triumphant year for Intelliclad, What's in store for 2023 Cover
After a triumphant year for Intelliclad, What’s in store for 2023?

With an unprecedented year for Intelliclad, 2022 delivered a host of achievements for the company, including a number of award accolations and prestigious industry support. Intelliclad has won not one but three prestigious awards this year, heralding a new era in fire detection technology and its importance to the construction industry. Founder of Intelliclad, Darron […]

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