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<strong>Intelliclad's External Fire Detection System: A Game-Changer for Building Safety</strong>

Intelliclad's External Fire Detection System: A Game-Changer for Building Safety

Intelliclad, an advanced external fire detection and alarm system, has proven its effectiveness in responding to fires in high-risk buildings. By detecting fires externally, Intelliclad ensures early detection and prompt alerts, preventing further damage and protecting lives. Let’s explore a recent case study highlighting the system’s success and the advantages of external fire detection.

Swift Response, Zero Losses

In the summer of 2022 a London apartment block caught fire from a ground-floor bin store.
As smoke spread outside, sensors positioned on the building’s façade activated.

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Thanks to Intelliclad’s smart sensors located in the cladding, the fire was detected within minutes. Residents were promptly alerted, the fire brigade quickly arrived, and no injuries or property damage occurred. The incident showcased the superiority of external detection over internal methods, as early warning saved lives and preserved the building structure.

Advantages of External Detection

Unlike internal only systems that rely on fires spreading before detection, Intelliclad’s external sensors catch fires at their earliest stages. This early warning mitigates risks, protects residents, and minimises property damage. By reducing potential damage, Intelliclad’s technology has the potential to lower insurance premiums for buildings with combustible materials.

Statistics and Risk Factors

Since 2010, a staggering 60% of high-rise façade fires have originated externally. Causes of these fires include discarded cigarettes on balconies, external lighting malfunctions, air conditioning unit failures, and fires in bins. The incident in London exemplifies the significance of addressing these risk factors and the need for proactive measures to enhance fire safety in high-rise buildings.

The Trench Effect

Intelliclad’s research on fire dynamics led to the discovery of the “Trench Effect,” which explains rapid fire spread in buildings. By strategically placing sensors where risks are highest, such as deep recesses and adjacent balconies, Intelliclad addresses potential fire hazards effectively. This approach ensures early detection and warning, preventing fires from reaching advanced stages.

The successful response to the London apartment block fire highlights the game-changing capabilities of Intelliclad’s external fire detection system. With its rapid detection, early warning, and timely response, Intelliclad protects lives and property. By adopting such systems, building owners can enhance fire safety, minimise damage, and potentially reduce insurance premiums.

(Note: To view Diagram A and related photos, please refer to the downloadable PDF)