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<strong>After a triumphant year for Intelliclad, What's in store for 2023?</strong>

After a triumphant year for Intelliclad, What's in store for 2023?

With an unprecedented year for Intelliclad, 2022 delivered a host of achievements for the company, including a number of award accolations and prestigious industry support.

Intelliclad has won not one but three prestigious awards this year, heralding a new era in fire detection technology and its importance to the construction industry.

Founder of Intelliclad, Darron Brough was honoured at the Facade Awards with ‘Outstanding Contribution of the year’ in part, for his active involvement in changing the importance of fire safety within the facade industry.

Shortlisted for two categories, the Intelliclad team also attended the London Construction Awards and were thrilled to be the recipients of ‘Smart Technology of the year’. This combined with winning the ‘Gold Award – Innovation of the Year’ at the National Building and Construction Awards was the culmination of a tremendous year for Intelliclad.

However, not ones to rest on their laurels, the Intelliclad team are continuing to build on their success and are already focusing on the year ahead.

After a fire occurred within an external bin store, located on the ground floor of a block residential accommodation, the Intelliclad team understood that the incident needed to be investigated to demonstrate the advantages external detection has over internal detection. If reliance had been placed solely on internal heat detectors, it would have meant that the fire would have had to have been well developed on the façade before the internal sensors were able to detect it.

The team have worked closely with Frances Maria Peacock, renowned fire safety expert to produce a ‘Bin Fire’ Report to highlight the importance of early detection. She comments, “Intelliclad is one such measure because it can be installed directly into the façade where it is able to detect and warn residents of the first signs of fire.”

As Intelliclad continues to grow, the team envisage further collaborations with Frances Maria Peacock, whose technical reports have significantly contributed to the further understanding of façade fires, and has been a key player in working with Intelliclad to ensure the technology is solving the issues seen within the facade and construction industry. Together they aim to bring more awareness of their mission to develop safety innovation through intelligent fire detection technology.