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<strong>Save on Waking Watch costs with Intelliclad</strong>

Save on Waking Watch costs with Intelliclad

In recent years, the issue of fire safety in high-rise buildings has gained significant attention, especially following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. One expensive and controversial approach to address this issue is the use of Walking Watch patrols, where residents have to pay high fees for round-the-clock fire safety monitoring.

However, a smarter and more cost-effective solution has emerged with the UK government’s funding. Meet Intelliclad, a wireless fire detection and alarm system that is revolutionising fire safety in high-rise buildings. It aims to replace unreliable and costly Walking Watch patrols.

Initially introduced as a temporary measure after the Grenfell tragedy, Walking Watch patrols have become burdensome for residents due to their high costs and numerous controversies. Residents have been forced to pay up to £500 per month on average to cover the expenses of these patrols. Concerns have also been raised about the lack of proper fire safety training for Walking Watch staff and instances of negligence such as falling asleep or engaging in non-emergency activities, raising doubts about their effectiveness.

Recognising the flaws of the Walking Watch system, the UK Government has provided financial support to address the issue. The Waking Watch Relief Fund has received an additional £18.6 million to help buildings with dangerous cladding, transition to more reliable fire safety measures. Eligible buildings can now apply for funding to install fire alarm systems that support simultaneous evacuation strategies, under the guidance of the National Fire Chief’s Council.

Introducing Intelliclad: A Smarter Alternative

Intelliclad offers a revolutionary solution to the fire safety challenges that high-risk buildings with combustible materials face. Designed to meet the standards set out in BS5839-1 L5, this wireless fire detection and alarm system integrates seamlessly into the external façade of buildings. By utilising smart sensors embedded in the cladding system, Intelliclad provides real-time information on the location and spread of a fire, enabling both residents and the fire service to respond promptly and effectively.

Benefits of Intelliclad

  1. Enhanced Safety: Intelliclad’s smart sensors offer an advanced fire detection system surpassing the human-operated patrols’ capability. By monitoring the external façade, Intelliclad ensures early detection of fires and immediate alerts, minimising the risk to residents’ lives.
  1. Real-Time Fire Spread Information: The integration of Intelliclad’s smart sensors with a control unit enables precise tracking of the fire’s location and its spread in real-time. This valuable information empowers the fire service to deploy resources strategically and evacuate residents efficiently.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Intelliclad presents a significant cost-saving opportunity compared to the ongoing expenses associated with Waking Watch patrols. By eliminating the need for human personnel, Intelliclad reduces financial burdens on residents while providing reliable and continuous fire safety monitoring.

Intelliclad has already made significant strides in the field of fire safety. It has been successfully installed in numerous high-rise buildings across the UK, replacing Waking Watch patrols. These installations have demonstrated the effectiveness and reliability of Intelliclad in safeguarding residents and mitigating fire risks.

Combining advanced technology with comprehensive fire detection capability, improved safety, real-time fire spread information, and significant cost savings provides a hopeful future for the issues we’re facing today.

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