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Intelliclad works with a range of partners to ensure our services are as effective, efficient and sustainable as possible.

Each brings fresh insight and support to our ambitions.

Frances Maria Peacock

Frances is a renowned fire safety expert whose technical reports have significantly contributed to the further understanding of façade fires, including a report submitted to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. She has been involved with Intelliclad as a fire engineering consultant from the outset.

Firstly, her report ‘The Relationship between Building Design Fire Spread: How the Shape, Form & Features of a building can influence the behaviour of fire’ is an essential part of our process for designing our external fire detection system at the quotation stage.

Once we receive an order, Frances will then conduct her own external fire safety assessment using the principles defined in her report and produce an external fire detection statement to conclude her findings.

An external detection proposal will then be signed off as an adequate design in conjunction with her research and the design of the building in question.

You can download Frances’s reports here


FR Consultants

We have partnered with Façade Remedial Consultants (FRC) throughout our development process. FRC are the UK’s leading façade experts, working nationwide to provide investigations and reporting into safety and compliance.

Led by Managing Director Dorian Lawrence, FRC identified a need for guidance, accountability and services in the relatively new and constantly evolving façade fire safety landscape post-Grenfell.

The company offers a complete consultancy process conducted by suitably qualified professionals; offering a solution to those responsible for building safety who find themselves up against these fast-paced, and often complicated, changes in advice and legislation.

You can visit their website here


Fire Aware

Fire Aware was created following the Grenfell Tower disaster in response to evidence given at the Stage 1 & 2 Inquiry, which exposed many failings in the way that the building was both renovated and managed.

The team of Fire Aware state that all of the issues that conspired to create the tragedy can be traced back to ‘a distinct lack of morality in the consideration of the residents’ safety’.

Fire Aware also aims to influence all members of the supply chain to commit to a set of moral obligations which will dictate the way their business acts in relation to its delivery of fire safety.

We are more than happy to support this campaign – since the creation of Intelliclad, a strong moral obligation has underpinned all of our activity.

You can find out more about Fire Aware here