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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need Intelliclad?


If your building has failed an EWS1 report and requires interim safety measures, Intelliclad is the solution to keeping the highest level of safety for your building before you can have the cladding remediated.

Will this replace the Waking Watch? 


Yes, we will install to the National Fire Chief Councils (NFCC) recommended common fire alarm standards that will allow the waking watch to be removed. 

Will this save us money? 


Definitely. On average the cost of installing Intelliclad will equate to 4-6 months of waking watch costs.

How is it different to another fire alarm?


We are the only system to install detection units into the combustible external façade, as well as internally to the required standards. Since 2010, almost 60% of high-rise façade fires have started externally. Intelliclad is therefore essential in detecting the earliest signs of a façade fire, providing residents with a higher level of building fire safety compared to any other common fire alarm. 

Is it more expensive than an internal common fire alarm?


Even with the added external fire detection, Intelliclad has been found to be very competitive against internal only common fire alarms. Each building is different and prices may vary, get in touch for your free quote.

Is it easy to install and do you need access to apartments? 


Yes, we will require approximately 15 minutes within each apartment to install our system. External installations will not affect residents.

How long does it take to install?


Dependent on the size of the building. A building with 36 flats will require circa 3 days installation. 

How will it alert me of a fire?


In the event of a fire, residents will be alerted via a 95dB sounder installed within their apartment, but also uniquely through a smartphone app alert. The system will also alert residents with a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP), for example through a vibrating pager.

Can it be externally installed into any type of cladding?


Yes, we have the experience to install into all types of combustible cladding systems, for example ACM, HPL, Render/EPS, Masonry, and Timber.