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Case Studies


Fire safety at the Guildhall venue in Southampton was significantly improved, following the installation of a fire detection system by Intelliclad.

The Guildhall venue is made up of an art gallery, two restaurants and a number of apartments spreading over 8 floors- none of which had adequate fire safety measures prior to the installation.

 The fire safety issues were a result of the PIR Insulation and flammable plywood board behind the cladding. The new cladding is made up of A2, non combustible terracotta tiles.

 The fire detection system was placed between the new tiles and plywood boards. During the process, terracotta tiles were replaced where necessary with A2 aluminium tiles, designed to fit into the system.

As the groundwork was completed prior to the installation with plate mockups, the process of the installation was extremely efficient.

South London

The 38 apartment building in South London had the Intelliclad system installed in a bid to boost residents safety as the wait for cladding remediation works continue. By having this installation carried out alongside implementation of Intelliclad’s internal fire alarm system – which conforms with BS 5839-1 L5 guidance – the building has been able to remove the need for Waking Watch.


The 32 apartment St Chad’s residential building in Plymouth is now free of waking watch patrols after an internal and external Intelliclad installation. While building owners await funding and action to remove and replace dangerous cladding, Intelliclad is making residents safer thanks to its leading technology.

External fires account for 60% of all high-rise building fires over the last decade, so this installation is crucial in ensuring that the residents at St Chad’s are alerted in good time if such a situation arises.

The internal installation, supported by implementation of Intelliclad’s internal fire alarm system means the fire safety system at St Chad’s conforms with BS 5839-1 L5 guidance and the need for waking watch patrols has been removed. Darron Brough, Intelliclad’s Managing Director, said:

“Years of hard work and experience has gone into creating Intelliclad and this installation signals the start of a new era of building safety. “The scope of this tragic scandal is becoming more and more concerning each day. We are proud to be able to play a small part in making people feel more safe in their homes as they await cladding remediation – we need the support of those in power to be able to do this on the scale necessary to facilitate real change.”


Boscombe Library, located in Bournemouth, is a residential unit with apartments spreading across three floors and a library situated on the ground floor.

The building is cladded with untreated timber (Class D), which features a highly combustible PIR Insulation – making it very easy for fire to spread.

In order to improve fire safety and provide residents with peace of mind, Intelliclad were brought in to install a fire detection system.