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Technical Report

Intelliclad has been the subject of a full technical report, written by renowned Fire Engineer Frances Maria Peacock.

“Intelliclad has been developed to provide reassurance as a cost effective and reliable alternative to the waking watch.“Intelliclad is always alert and ready to detect fire at the first wisp of smoke.”

Frances Maria Peacock
Grenfell Tower Inquiry Contributor & Renowned Fire Engineer

Read the report here

This report follows on from her previous research, focused on the analysis of the events leading to the Grenfell disaster which was presented to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, and the relationship between the design of the cladding system and the behaviour of fire spread across such a system.

It goes into detail on:

  • The Waking Watch
  • The Intelliclad System
  • Benefits of the System
  • Installation criteria
  • Relationship with her previous research on fire spread on a combustible façade
  • NFCC guidance and BS5839-1 L5 conformity
  • Examples of externally ignited façade fires

Frances is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, a Chartered Member of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, a Full Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers and renowned member of the worldwide Society of Fire Protection Engineers.