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The System

A smarter, faster, and cost-effective alternative to the waking watch.

Intelliclad is a wireless system certified to EN54-25 which is designed to be integrated into the external facade of high-risk buildings where combustible materials are present.

Our external installation is in addition to a full internal system installed to the NFCC guidance required to remove the waking watch.

The system uses smart sensors which are fitted inside the cladding system and are connected to a control system so that in the event of a fire, an alert can be sent to all residents via sounders, a unique smartphone app and the main alarm system within the building, in compliance with BS 5839-1 L5.

Our intelligent system uses a cloud-based technology to give residents and the fire service valuable information on the location of the fire and its relative spread across the building due to its ability to monitor the situation in real time.

Each sensor is aware of its exact location and can therefore provide precise information as whereabout on the facade the fire is located.

Benefits of
the System

  • Fire sensor system integrates to a combustible EXTERNAL façade.
  • Wireless system certified to EN54-25 and can be installed to BS5839-1 L5

  • 3-year battery life with low battery warning

  • Unique smartphone app can alert residents and monitor the situation in real-time

  • Can also alert other devices linked to PEEP (ie pagers)

  • Colour matched to existing cladding – not affecting building aesthetics 

  • Easily linked to internal 96db sounder and to building management system

  • Dual-optic smoke sensor to prohibit false activations