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Simultaneous Evacuation Guidance

Simultaneous Evactuation Guidance set out guidance for automatic fire sensor and alarm systems that support the change from the “stay put” policy to “simultaneous evacuation”. It states the fire sensor system should be part of an overall package of fire safety features and not a long-term solution.

The criteria are as follows:
  • Installed to BS5839-1 L5 with 85dB sounders in the open doorways of all bedrooms.

  • Heat sensors installed in every room that have windows overlooking an area of the combustible external wall.

  • An immediate evacuation signal should be triggered by the operation of any single heat sensor. 

  • Should adhere to the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) of any resident i.e., vibrating pager or beacon may be required for people with hearing impairments. 

  • Does not have an adverse effect on other fire safety provisions. 

How does intelliclad comply?

Our system has the ability to integrate with any other fire safety system i.e pre-existing heat sensor, sprinklers or evacuation alert systems, to form a complete fire safety package for the building. 

Intelliclad offers a combination of fully addressable external sensors to monitor the status of the combustible external façade and internal sensors installed to BS5839-1 L5, with 95dB strobe light sounders fitted to the open doorways of all bedrooms supported by smartphone application and pager alerts. 


Our approach is to completely mitigate the risk to the lives of residents by providing the highest level of sensors and alert, used in conjunction with the ground-breaking research carried out as a result of Grenfell, which looked at the relationship between building design and fire spread.


The system is easily installed and can be rapidly uninstalled when façade remediation starts, however some sections of the system can remain in place as part of an ongoing evacuation alert system. 


For more information please see our detailed report written by renowned Fire Engineer Frances Maria Peacock.