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<strong>New Fire Safety Statements - Addressing a Key Issue</strong>

New Fire Safety Statements - Addressing a Key Issue

In the recent Queen’s Speech, the Government reiterated it will legislate for a “new building safety regulator to make sure the mistakes of the past will never be repeated”.

This is news to be welcomed – but residents across the UK will want assurance that the mistakes that have already been made are going to be properly corrected.

Plans also include proposals that developers looking to build high-rise residential buildings will soon have to demonstrate consideration of fire safety across their entire estate.

A draft statement released with the documents shows this could extend to external wall systems, balconies, evacuation plans and emergency vehicle access.

This would appear to be a positive step forward, forcing consideration for areas that have been previously overlooked.

There are numerous examples of major fires started by an external ignition source that would have been detected by intelliclad at an early stage if it had been in place, including at The Cube in Bolton and Samuel Garside House in Barking, both in June 2019.

Intelliclad provides an extra level of safety to a building’s alarm system by integrating sensors into the external facade – external fires are a very real threat to buildings with bad cladding, but ours is the only sensor system designed to detect this threat.

Hopefully the suggested developments will force the issue and prove that these risks are properly understood.