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5 Reasons to Choose Intelliclad

5 Reasons to Choose Intelliclad

The Government recently announced a further £27 million to fund the installation of alarms and replace costly Waking Watch measures in all buildings in England where a Waking Watch is currently in place at cost to leaseholders.

The fund will cover the upfront capital costs of installing an alarm system. The common fire alarm system should generally be designed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5839-1 for a Category L5 system, which is referred to in the NFCC’s revised guidance on simultaneous evacuation.

We are incredibly proud of our product and believe that Intelliclad is the leading solution to help with mitigation around fire safety issues.

Here are 10 reasons why we think Intelliclad is the best option when considering Waking Watch Alternative Fund options:

1 – FPA Test Results:

Fire Protection Association testing carried out on a specially constructed 10m wide and 9m high cladding rig at the Association’s headquarters showed Intelliclad detectors were activated six minutes and 33 seconds prior to cladding being breached by fire on the first test and 9 minutes, 47 seconds prior on the second.

2 – Smart Technology:

Our intelligent system uses a cloud-based technology to give residents and the fire service valuable information on the location of the fire and its relative spread across the building due to its ability to monitor the situation in real time.

Each sensor is aware of its exact location and can therefore provide precise information as whereabout on the facade the fire is located.

3 – Expert Backing

Intelliclad has been the subject of a full technical report, written by renowned Fire Engineer Frances Maria Peacock.

This report follows on from her previous research, focused on the analysis of the events leading to the Grenfell disaster which was presented to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, and the relationship between the design of the cladding system and the behaviour of fire spread across such a system.

4 – External Fire Detection

We are the only system to install detection units into the combustible external façade, as well as internally to the required standards. Since 2010, almost 60% of high-rise façade fires have started externally.

Intelliclad is therefore essential in detecting the earliest signs of a façade fire, providing residents with a higher level of building fire safety compared to any other common fire alarm.

5 – Already Supporting Residents

We are delighted to have supported a number of residential buildings across the UK in recent months with installation of our unique internal and external fire safety system.

Buildings in Southampton, Bournemouth and Plymouth are now benefiting from increased fire safety after working with Intelliclad, with funding for some of these coming through the Waking Watch Relief Fund.