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<strong>Leaseholder Cladding Protection Motion Passed in House of Commons</strong>

Leaseholder Cladding Protection Motion Passed in House of Commons

The campaign to #EndOurCladdingScandal took a major step forward after 263 MPs voted in favour of a motion calling on the government to protect leaseholders across the country living in homes with unsafe cladding.

The motion calls on the Government to establish the extent of dangerous cladding and prioritise buildings according to risk, provide upfront funding for cladding remediation and protect leaseholders and taxpayers from the costs.

We have watched the #EndOurCladdingScandal movement unfold over the last 18 months and hope this will be looked back on as a turning point.

The debate and subsequent vote is just one of a number of changes being discussed at present, including the establishment of an independent Cladding Taskforce to further establish the extent of the crisis and an amendment to the fire safety bill, which would stop freeholders passing the costs of removing cladding or other fire safety work to leaseholders.

There is a shared responsibility for those who can help those affected by this crisis to do so, quickly and effectively.

We believe that intelliclad can play a key role in providing peace of mind, with regards to both finances and safety, to the thousands of people who need our help.