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Intelliclad Ramps up Installations

Intelliclad Ramps up Installations

We are delighted to have supported a number of residential buildings across the UK in recent months with installation of our unique internal and external fire safety system.

Buildings in Southampton, Bournemouth and Plymouth are now benefiting from increased fire safety after working with Intelliclad, with funding for some of these coming through the Waking Watch Relief Fund.

As the fight to address high rise building safety issues across the UK continues, our unique fire detection system is helping building owners implement mitigation measures to boost resident safety and reduce costs of Waking Watch Patrols.

These recent installations utilise our external smoke detection and external fire detection technology, creating a building fire detection system that helps detect fires before they breach internal cladding.

Intelliclad’s previous Fire Protection Association testing carried out on a specially constructed 10m wide and 9m high cladding rig at the Association’s headquarters showed Intelliclad detectors were activated six minutes and

33 seconds prior to cladding being breached by fire on the first test and 9 minutes, 47 seconds prior on the second.

Now, this technology is helping to make buildings using the Waking Watch Relief Fund or Waking Watch Replacement Fund safer for residents, using our smart technology system to alert residents of a building fire.

Here you can watch our Operations Director, Ryan Brough, talking about our installation in Southampton.